Look What They Made: 5 DIYs for Easter

Hi owl! I have a new series here on my blog in which I feature some bloggers and their works. I call it “Look What They Made”. The list below are my personal choice of DIYs for Easter. I think they are too cute and you guys can definitely make them too, at least one from the list.

  1. DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs by Little Inspiration
  2.  DIY Easter Egg Cactus by Quartz & Leisure
  3. Mini Easter Egg Cakes by The Cake Blog
  4. DIY Paper Carrots Stuffed with Candy by Madame Criativa
  5. Easter Bath Bomb Recipe by Red Ted Art





Macrame Series


Hi Nightowls, It’s finally pushed! I started selling my handcrafted macrame’ products – wall hanging decors, coasters and keychains.

The macrame wall hanging decors will add a rustic touch to your space and will make your home even more cozier.

The macrame coasters will liven up your boho dinner party. It is chic!

And of course the macrame keychains will spruce up your fashionable bags or you can simply use them as a key holder.

So, head over to my FB page or Instagram to get more details.

*Shipping is currently available in the Philippines

DIY Tin Can Lantern

Hey guys! Here’s another DIY I made last week. It’s a lantern or a lamp out of a tin can. There are absolutely a lot of ways to repurpose our trash worthy tin cans into something very useful and worth keeping – And this is one of those. If you want to try this project, please watch the how-to just hit that play button above. Enjoy nightowls!

Please also check the other project I made here.